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    3 Things That Actually Scare Me

    Happy Halloween from us here at Music Lives! I could easily just post Thriller and be done with it. I’m going to put myself out there and talk about what ACTUALLY scares me!

    There’s a lot of ways I scare myself. None of them in the Dexter kind of way. Thinking too much, not enough, illness, stress, physical inactivity, not enough sleep etc. I’ve actually become physically ill twice because of stress related problems. Most of it stemming from indecision and not being happy and not knowing what to do about it. Like RUSH said “If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice.” One day I’ll wake up and realize I’m not 21 anymore and it’s time to make things happen.

    Talking, Actually Talking

    I’m less than 1% scared of Psycho Killers. I’m more afraid of Talking Heads. This scene from Jerry Maguire pretty much sums it up (skip to 1:30 min). I’m not sure if it’s because I’m afraid of being judged on my actual reactions, decisions or opinions. Or if I sometimes feel we are all just waiting for our turn talk. It’s probably a bit of both. I have found though, that writing this blog allows me to connect, without either risk. Go blog, Go! And thanks for reading.


    I’m sure this is something that a lot of us, especially those of us that are single, can relate to. Am I scared of being alone for the rest of my life? Sure. Am I willing to “settle” to ensure that I don’t. Absolutely not!

    Really, looking at this now, I think working on fears one and two will help me out before I try to solve number three. I’m still a work in progess and I’m not in any rush. Like I said before, I think I’m still 21.

    Here’s a couple of fun Halloween videos from guys that like to turn their front yards into ROCK CONCERTS! Happy Halloween everybody!