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    My Life: Autobiographical Vol.4

    If you need to, read My Life: Autobiographical Vol.1,  Vol.2 , & Vol.3. Also our YouTube channel has a playlist of all the songs in the series so far, plus the ones included in this post, that I will just keep adding to as I go. Skip to video 14 if you’ve already listened to the previous tunes from the series.

    Danger Is My Middle Name

    So in 1984 Run DMC was the most dangerous thing I’d ever heard, but then this happened, and  I’ve been a lover of Heavy Metal ever since. I saw Axl a few years back with his new version of GNR, and then we saw Velvet Revolver to see most of the other band members. I wish I had a time machine to see them in their original glory. Velvet Revolver was the better of the two shows. Anyway, Appetite For Destruction is still in my Top 40 albums of all time.

    Two For Ms. Shannon’s Class

    In 1988 the first of my generation’s boy bands emerged. I don’t remember what my feelings about the NKOTB were then. I’m guessing that as an 11 year old I thought they were pretty cool. They did have pretty sweet dance moves, but I really have no idea. I know I was in grade 6, and I know all the girls in my class LOVED them.

    I almost Rick Rolled you. This one goes out to my sixth grade class and our french teacher, Miss Ferguson. She danced like him, dressed like him. This was the only music we were allowed to play in french class. She was probably the most stylishly dressed teacher I ever had. I remember a few altercations with the teacher losing her cool but never at me.

    Driving Tunes

    I already mentioned that there where only a few songs me and my best friend could agree on. This is one of them. Don’t judge me for liking Young MC when I was twelve. Judge me for still knowing most the words today.
    I really don’t know how my buddy’s Dad dealt with listening to these cassettes over and over. We loved them but you’d
    have to be a special kind of patient man to put up with these songs every time he had to drive us around.

    Lost It Somehow

    There are a couple reasons why I might have picked this song a few years back. I remember having a vague crush on the lead singer. Not as big a crush as I had on Alyssa Milano but it might have been my first musician crush. It also could have been that Pretty Woman was a huge movie in 1990 and my Mom & sister loved it. Either way it was on the playlist so here it is.

    Next time on My Life…So MUCH Danger, my first Much Video Dance and some funny stuff.

    My Life: Autobiographical Vol.2

    I almost bored all my readers to death with a Grammy recap but I figured I’d finish the second part of this series instead. In case you missed the first post in this series, My Life: Autobiographical Vol.1, get caught up! I last spoke of my first concert 1982 and I  gave you some Wham! So we’re up to 1984 which includes a lot of firsts for me.

    First Concert Disappointment
    I was a huge Michael Jackson fan in 1984 and still am today. I think everyone was on some level. I don’t remember how I was almost able to go to this show. I was 7 years old so the details are a little foggy. All I know was that I was supposed to go to this show and all I got was a lousy T-shirt. I’m not kidding. I’m pretty sure it was this one! So my first big concert disappointment was one I never got to attend rather than a band I thought was awesome not delivering while on stage. I’m pretty sure the later happens more often. Come to think of it, 1984 was a pretty tough year for me. Let’s fast forward.
    My First Records
    We just jumped up to March 1986. My birthday. I’m not actually sure if I got these three albums all at once or if I got them spread out over a couple years but lets just say I got them all at once.

    I was a loyal Bryan Adams fan until 1991 at least. In fact, Waking Up The Neighbours was one of only 4 cassettes my best friend and I could agree on once we got our drivers licenses. In 1991 he started listening to New Country. I started listening to Nirvana. So we just listened to the stuff we used to as “kids”. Two of the other ones were Vanilla Ice, To The Extreme and Young MC‘s Stone Cold Rhymin’. Don’t judge me too harshly. ’87 to ’90 was a really confusing time in music. The forth album we could agree on will be talked about in my next post. I think Bryan Adams looks like a Footloose Kevin Bacon in this video.

    Boy In The Box was the second record of the set. Other than having the poster for it in my room and my Mom cutting my hair just like his as a kid I have no stories about Corey Hart so I’ll talk about two other things happened to me in 1986. First, I moved to Bradford from Kirkfield. It was a huge change! For example Kirkfield was a town of 400. In Bradford my new public school (Fred C. Cook alumni, what!) had almost that many students, and lockers to boot! In 1986 I also got my first brother. I’m the oldest of six kids and got two sisters first. Don’t get me wrong, I love my whole family but I’ve seen Anne Of Green Gables more than any man should.

    Twenty-seven years later and I’m still listening to The Boss and with good reason. If you missed his Super Bowl performance in 2009, here it is. If you missed the beginning and end of the (The BIG moment starts around 3:30min) Grammy‘s this year, well there you go. It’s really too bad that the awards mess up some really good performances but the only guitarists missing on that stage, in my opinion, are Slash, Eric Clapton and Jimmy Page (and maybe Jack White but I still have forgave him for that Insane Clown Posse stunt). Anyway, Bruce Springsteen still rocks harder at 62 years old than most musicians do in their whole life, and I’ll fight anyone that says otherwise.

    Next time in My Life…Family Reunions and The Most Dangerous Music I’ve Ever Heard!