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    Teleportoise Brings Something Unique to Local Metal Scene
    Teleportoise Brings Something Unique to Local Metal Scene

    25 Jun 2014

    We have a city full of very talented musicians, but it takes that “extra something” for a band to really stand out and make you take notice. That’s exactly what Teleportoise did on Saturday, June 21 when they played A.N.A.F. Club along with Quiet Lakes, Saprophyte, and IRN.

    Nothing prepared me for seeing Teleportoise live for the first time. Playing barefoot and growling into the mic, the intensity with which bassist Adam Ujhelyi played with was almost … unsettling. You could not help but feel challenged to take a trip with them – even though you weren’t quite sure where the next note or song would lead you. Self-described as proto-post-progcore, their sound is crushingly heavy. Song structures shift from atmospheric, to slow and sludgy, to something a little more sped up and frantic. The songs are arranged in a way to be supremely satisfying. This is music that takes you out of your comfort zone, but gives you everything you need at the same time.


    To the other side of Ujhelyi, was guitarist Vanin Ferrall. Using two amps (fittingly labelled “Mars” instead of “Marshall”), Ferrall helped make the walls of A.N.A.F. Club shake. Did I mention this band is LOUD? Shredding guitar with a sometimes slightly crazed look in his eye, Ferrall masterfully lent the songs their melody while playing a wildman on stage – never staying put in the same place for longer than a few seconds.

    Backing the stringed duo up front was the unassuming-looking drummer, Calum Ferrall, who, to my surprise, transformed into a ferocious beast during the entire set. Using his drumsticks as well as his bare hands, C. Ferrall was a driving force to be reckoned with. He even bled that night – and didn’t miss a beat.


    It struck me that Teleportoise didn’t have just the one (sometimes two) players who usually stand out during a performance while other band members take a bit of a backseat. On the contrary, all three members of Teleportoise were musically solid and delivered an equally engaging performance – making them REALLY fun to watch live. What’s more, the effort was authentic – nothing about Teleportoise seemed “put on.” These artists left nothing behind after their set. They threw it all out on that stage with maximum effort, and I’m sure the rest of the audience appreciated that as much as I did.

    This three-piece brings something entirely different to our local metal scene, and if you like it heavy I strongly suggest you catch them next time they play. The band is currently working on recording an EP which is due out later this year. I can’t wait for the next trip with Teleportoise

    Click here to check out a short video of the show!

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