Music Lives!

The Dead Souls – Joy Division Tribute Band @Jimmy Jazz

Downtown Guelph was packed last night, randomly, after the students have gone home.  What a time!
The Dead Souls film every show and tonight was a good one to capture.  They wowed the Gen X crowd with their first set and I was able to catch up with bass player Dave for a quick chat after they finished their set with “Love Will Tear Us Apart”.
He filled me in on Kevin’s tenure at UofG’s video department and a little about their online presence at The Dead Souls on Facebook and Instagram.
They can be found on Youtube at Kevin Hogg‘s page where you can check out pretty much all of their performances!
There’s a lot of REALLY cool footage on there, like GWAR Unmasked’s set in GUELPH at the 519 Punk Reunion!
Dave assured me, “You’ll love the second set, it’s a lot heavier” so I waited and I did.  The crowd loved it.
The band ended with “24 Hours” and were brought back the the stage for “Transmission” which drove the crowd wild.  Thanks to all for the great time!

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