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    This Week For Rec-Room Monday (Nov 10th)
    This Week For Rec-Room Monday (Nov 10th)

    09 Nov 2014

    Super pumped for this week’s Rec-Room Monday up at DSTRCT Lounge!!! Along side our regular programming, Underplayed & Underplayed and The Fuzz radio programs on CFRU 93.3, I’ve got some exciting new releases and a couple records (I’m going to attempt to hook up the turntable once again) that I picked up at shows over the last couple weeks. Here is kind a run-down of what we’re bringing to you this week!

    Starting at 6 PM, local musician Ty Baynton will be on Underplayed & Underplayed. While we’re listening to Bryan‘s interview we’ll have the N64 rockin’ on the projector and all your favourite games ready to be played. Settlers of Catan, Monopoly, Dominoes, Trivial Pursuit among others are sitting there. Magic players arrive around 6:30pm and The Dragon is on hand with new packs for all your drafting (I know what that is now!) needs. I’m truly hoping we can get this Euchre club going this week too!

    You’ve no doubt heard of Guelph band Wakeless. They recently recorded a brand new song and video on the DSTRCT stage for GAIN TV. For those that don’t know about GAIN TV, it’s another way for bands and fans to be a part of Guelph‘s thriving live music scene. I’m looking forward to watching and listening to this brand new song by one of my favourite Guelph bands!

    Speaking of NEW MUSIC, two bands that are great friends of Music Lives and GAIN Music also have brand new EPs. First, Guelph Metal band Teleportoise have their release party on November 20th with WakelessQuiet Lakes and Earthbreather. Second, the guys from Sleepless are re-armed and loaded under their new name Strays. They just released their new four song EP on their Bandcamp page (which you can download right now for FREE!) and we’ll give it a listen before the night is through! If you want to bring some tunes of your band or a band you’re currently into, the more the marrier! Bring it on CD, USB or something with a headphone jack (no itunes/unreliable internet).

    If all this isn’t enough for you to come out and hang how about that it is also….


    Happy birthday buddy! See you tomorrow!

    This might be the BIGGEST Rec-Room Monday in the history of the WORLD!!! Hope to see you all out!

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