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    Young Doctors in Love come to Guelph
    Young Doctors in Love come to Guelph

    11 Jun 2014

    This Friday, Toronto band Young Doctors in Love visit Jimmy Jazz to play their unique style of pop-rock. This 6 piece bands originally formed in 2009 by Clay Puddester who we recently caught up with to get the low down on the band and their history.

    Music Lives: Can you give us a brief history of Young Doctors in Love? How has the band changed from 2009?
    Clay Puddester: Originally, I wanted to start a band that played 2 minute pop songs- verse chorus verse chorus end. But as we went along I started using more of my classical training (I have my masters in composition) in my songwriting and I got really into writing songs that had unusual structures, bizarre key changes and fancy chords and things like that. Like in one of our songs, “Running Down Love,” it’s mostly in D but then it goes to F for the guitar solo and then it goes to B-flat for the bridge. Then the bridge ends with a French Augmented 6thchord, a chord that you never hear in rock music. So overall the band has gotten a lot more musically fancy.

    ML: Congrats on the full length album release! That must feel like a solid accomplishment. How was the recording process for Young Doctors in Love?
    CP: Thanks, the recording process was quite prolonged and arduous. It took over 2 years to do it. At the same time it was lots of fun though and I can’t wait to start recording our next one.

    ML: What are your plans from here?
    CP: Lots of touring and promoting the album and trying to live up to the album title. We’re going to do some more videos. We released one recently for our song “10:35

    ML: You’ve had a chance to play in some pretty great Canadian towns. Any favourites? Great stories from the road?
    CP: Not really any favourites. We’re looking forward to playing Guelph for the first time though. We’re going to premiere a new song. When I wrote it I was trying to write an uber-pop song, like “There She Goes” by the La’s or “Back on the Chain Gang” by the Pretenders or something like that. We’ll see how it goes.

    ML: Where can people go to learn more about Young Doctors in Love?
    CP: They can come to our show at Jimmy Jazz on Friday and we’ll tell them anything they want to know. Almost anything. You can “like” us at and see what were doing. has info on us and you can hear our music

    Check out Young Doctors in Love this Friday. Visit the event for more details!

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